"Where are you? I’m getting tired of looking now. Of roller coasters with no end other than a broken heart. Where are you in this mess and how will you fit together with me after I have been so misshapen by the world? I’m waiting for you, but I’m getting scared. I’m scared I won’t find you - or worse, you don’t exist. I want you to exist. I need you to exist. Where are you? How will we meet? When? When? When?"
- to the one

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the poems that died here
were in love with a life they could not live.
they were at war with
the world they wanted to save;
drowning in the fake promise we ripped from our tongues
hoping to fix what we 
found already broken. you were a stopped
watch in the middle of a whirlpool;
how did you think i could survive that?

i was a skeleton when we met.
you moulded yourself into my bones hoping i’d call
you flesh and skin but you were
only blood. pouring everywhere and staining
everything. snapping fingers
and crushing what you thought could be forever.

you were so fucking stupid.
so was i.

you left before i could and then blamed me
for disappearing.
how was i supposed to reach you
when you were on the floor twitching and screaming
in my face? 
you killed a lot of poems that night. 
i was already dead.
and the poems, the poor poems you slaughtered
in your sleep,
in your sharpened backbone cutting into
my body. the poems all died here,
burning into the abyss of what we knew as home.

the poems that died here,
where i died,
where you died,
where we died,
are the graveyard of our love. 

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hello my little angels, so I’ve been SOOO busy with like uni shizzle I’ve been trying to maintain my queue but its sort of failed :( so i will try to get back on it - if not tomorrow, DEFINITELY MONDAY!!!

i love you all and hope you are all happy and if not message me and i will snuggle you unitl you’re better xxxxxxx

babies yo

Anonymous asked:

Are you going to Leicester Massachusetts? I go to school and live there on campus if you are! :) it's a nice little town.

writing by ella Answer:

Nope! I’m going to leicester in england! :D and it is wonderful x

Anonymous asked:

Why no sex?! That's the best part!!

writing by ella Answer:

because that’s not what i’m looking for - i want to go out and have fun with friends :)

i just want to watch you die

i killed a poem last night.
i drank enough alcohol to forget your name
and then i remembered it.
i cried on the street outside the hotel room
we first fucked in.
i fucking hate you. it’s cliche but
everything reminds me of you. it kills me
to think of you kissing someone else. 
i can’t get the thought 
of someone else touching you everywhere
i’ve been. i hope my shadow
haunts your eyes. i hope you lose yourself
thinking of me when you fuck her.
i hope you fuck her because of me.
i killed a poem last night;
i started writing about you and needed
to watch something die.
i left it out in the cold and watched
it shivering, begging to get back in.
i laughed
and laughed like you did to me -
my fists are still pounding at your chest. 

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Anonymous asked:

do you mind me asking what uni you used to go to?

writing by ella Answer:

UEA (university of east anglia) :) in Norwich

Can’t muster poems tonight babies, I will sort something out asap I promise xxxxxxxx