"The magazine blinks at me
With the eyes of men.
I sigh, loudly.
Oh, society, I think you have
Forgotten what people died for.
You have forgotten
I am a whole woman,
A whole human.
With real, unphotoshopped DNA.
I am not just breasts
Or legs.
I am more than that.
My flesh does not degrade me.
I am a forest fire
Wrapped up safe in skin and bone.
I am not yours to look at,
To manufacture into a product,
I am my own."
- dear society

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Forget who you are.
Forget everything you stand for.
Churn vomit into your desk.
Mingle it with paper work.
Your vomit and this paper work
Are stick figures at a school disco -
A work Christmas ‘do’.
Play with them
Like barbie dolls.
Make them kiss under strobe lit
Music. Isn’t it cute?
File it up.
Submit your vomit into the manuscript.
Go home.
Go to sleep.
Wake up.
Go to your desk.
Churn out more shit;
It makes the men in suits happy.


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"I will love you forever.
Kiss me under a moon that knows
No limits. Fuck me
Under stars in movie lit magic.
I will love you forever.
Your name is all over my heart
Like beautiful fairy lights.
I am sparkling everywhere
Because of you. Hold my hands
In winter when they’re frozen.
Kiss me in summer when
The sky turns dark.
I will smile through every moment.
I will love you forever,
Or I will fight to.
This is the most hopeful promise
I could ever make."

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I’m singing to my cat because I’m too scared to shower when I’m home alone

send help

i am writing about you again, 
see? it is all over the news that i have illegally
fallen in love (again). are you
lucky? i am not sure. i am a wind turbine
in a hurricane. i am also the hurricane.
you will not survive me
but i wish you could. that would be news,
breaking news: “man survives storm”,
remember who i am.
i have stolen your heart, not to sell on
but to squeeze out enough poetry
to remind you exactly
why i warned to to leave. 

poetry spilled ink creative writing rejectscorner poets on tumblr